Success Stories

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Photo of Corrie Miller
“I found my role at #BUILTBYGIRLS through a posting on Tech Ladies' job board. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a new position!”
Photo of Tash Smith
I found LucidLink through the Tech Ladies job board. At the time, I was at a transitional point in my career. I was very surprised to see a role so aligned with where I wanted to be and my expertise. Tech Ladies has done a really great job finding a range of unique career opportunities for prospects at companies with strong core values. I'm very happy to be working at LucidLink with so many smart, passionate, fun people, and the product is very cool too!
Tash Smith
Marketing Content Writer at LucidLink
Photo of Erin Flaherty
I found my current role with a reputable organization through Tech Ladies. Thanks to them, I was able to apply confidently to a company that takes diversity, equity, and inclusion seriously.
Erin Flaherty
Sr. Software Engineer at Ad Hoc
Photo of Rachel Wright
Tech Ladies has been a great partner in our recruiting efforts at RevenueCat. It’s helped us diversify our pipeline and has provided some great candidates. We hired 2 Developer Support Engineers through Tech Ladies this year!
Rachel Wright
Technical Recruiter at RevenueCat
Photo of Angelika Yoder
I found Savas Labs through the Tech Ladies Candidate Database which meant that Savas, as with any company that partners with Tech Ladies, was committed to hiring female developers. After researching the company blog, I immediately applied for a developer position. The Savas Labs team is filled with a variety of people and it was clear that the company strives for inclusivity!
Angelika Yoder
Full-Stack Developer at Savas Labs
Photo of Byonca H.
I found my current role at RStudio through Tech Ladies. Thanks to them, I was contacted by a company that truly values its team. Tech Ladies has done a great job in evaluating companies and ensuring they value diversity and inclusion.
Byonca H.
Front-End Engineer at RStudio
Photo of Natalie Cleaver
Tech Ladies is crucial venue for us to connect with talented women in engineering. One of the engineers from the company's earliest stages introduced us to Tech Ladies and they are our first stop when we source for newly open roles at Rune. We're excited to welcome our latest Tech Ladies hire, Tere Gallarreta as our newest Frontend Engineer.
Natalie Cleaver
Head of People at Rune Labs
Photo of Elie Wu
Thanks to Tech Ladies, we were able to recently welcome a fantastic software engineer to the TXI team. And with the job board, we continue to meet and engage with wonderful technologists all the time. The Tech Ladies team is also fantastic and staffed by some of the kindest and most helpful people you could ever meet. The platform is a must-have for recruiters and companies that care about diversity & inclusion and supporting women in tech.
Elie Wu
Organizational Growth Associate at TXI
Photo of Mark Pearson
Tech Ladies is the go-to platform for to recruit engineering talent. We've had great success finding candidates to interview and hire who are aligned with our mission and values as a social purpose corporation. The team is wonderful to work with.
Mark Pearson
CEO & Founder at
Photo of Julia Marco
I am grateful to have Tech Ladies as a resource when looking for a job. Thanks to them I felt confident that any company they partnered with would be culturally in line with what I was looking for in a company, particularly in an industry that is quite biased. I was then able to focus on all the other things that are part of the job hunt, and I am very happy with the job I found through them.
Julia Marco
Software Engineer at
Photo of Erica Ross
Thanks to the Tech Ladies job board, I found my current position as a Technical Support Engineer at my dream company. Knowing that the company was posting with Tech Ladies made me feel confident that I was applying to a company that supports women in tech and matches my values.
Erica Ross
Technical Support Engineer at
Photo of Tere Gallarreta
I’m so grateful to have found my role at Rune Labs through Tech Ladies. I was searching for an opportunity at a company that is mission-driven and committed to DEI. Thanks to Tech Ladies’ Hiring Services, I connected with a company that I likely wouldn’t have found otherwise.
Tere Gallarreta
Frontend Engineer at Rune Labs
Photo of Jessica Velazco
Tech Ladies has been a valuable partner in building our team. Just a few months after we started working with Tech Ladies, we hired a sales specialist and demand generation marketing manager. And, only a few months later, we found a product manager through the Tech Ladies Candidate Database. We continue to engage with amazing talent across various job functions.
Jessica Velazco
Recruiting and People Ops Specialist at Bitwarden
Photo of Symone Lapray
We've been fortunate to make some amazing hires from the Tech Ladies job board! We recently hired a Technical Support Engineer, Product Designer, and our first-ever Engineering Manager. Tech Ladies has been a great source and partner over the last few years, especially during this period of fast-paced growth, and I recommend them to all recruiters looking to hire talented women on their team.
Symone Lapray
Recruiting Manager at
Photo of Sydney Turoff
We love working with the Tech Ladies team! We are really excited by the amazing humans we've been able to engage with, because of our partnership. Can't wait to keep growing together and reach our hiring goals!
Sydney Turoff
Recruiter at Loop Returns
Photo of Carly Schonberg
I had a fantastic experience with the Tech Ladies job board during my search last year, I think I heard back from every Tech Ladies application! It's a wonderful community.
Carly Schonberg
Designer at Bevy
Photo of Shar L.
Tech Ladies has supported me since 2016, from the end of high school through the end of college, providing me with the support of building a community of women in tech and with a full-time opportunity that has truly changed my life. As a student, Tech Ladies offered a platform for guidance and mentorship that was entirely transparent and honest. Now, as a professional, Tech Ladies' vetted job board led me to my dream company: Stride. Not only do I feel totally and completely taken care of, but I am so excited at the prospect of what I can and will learn in my new role.
Shar L.
Photo of Whitney Christopher
I recently started at Afresh as a Technical Support Specialist and I found the opportunity through Tech Ladies! It was so nice to job search using Tech Ladies, an organization that prioritizes more than just money.
Whitney Christopher
Technical Support Specialist at Afresh
Photo of Brittney Stewart
I am so happy to have discovered Tech Ladies. Because of this site, I quickly found my dream job.
Brittney Stewart
Head of Marketing Communications at RStudio
Photo of Emily Schlicter
The Tech Ladies job board was an essential resource for me while job searching. Knowing that the job board is filled with positions from organizations that are intentionally diversifying was very helpful for me. I'm grateful to have landed a role with a company that cares about my growth and success.
Emily Schlicter
Full Stack Software Engineer at Excelerate America
Photo of Mark Grantham
Partnering with Tech Ladies was a wonderful experience. It was great seeing our applicant pool grow with strong and diverse engineering talent. Best of all, it resulted in an amazing new hire to the Atlassian team!
Mark Grantham
Principal Recruiter at Atlassian
Photo of Lisa Trevis
Thanks to Tech Ladies, I found my dream job at an amazing company. Utilizing the Tech Ladies job board and weekly job drop emails ensured I would find a role with a company committed to hiring women in tech.
Lisa Trevis
Front End Developer at Savas Labs
Photo of Paul D'Souza
We began partnering with Tech Ladies just a few months back and saw an immediate impact. The quality of applicants, especially for our Software Engineer roles, has been fantastic - leading to multiple offers in our Tech Org and improving upon the gender diversity of our Engineering teams.
Paul D'Souza
Senior Technical Recruiter at Quartet Health
Photo of Susanna Kline
Working with Tech Ladies career coaches, Wendy and Lekisha, allowed me to approach my job search with more confidence about the work I wanted to do and higher expectations about the work environment. I got a great offer from Ad Hoc, which I found on the Tech Ladies job board, and I’m really looking forward to contributing to work there that will help people.
Susanna Kline
Software Engineer at Ad Hoc
Photo of Alex Partida
Being new to tech, it was pretty daunting to start looking for roles as a software engineer. I found it helpful that Tech Ladies has job postings curated for all levels of expertise and most importantly with companies that are actively looking for women to fill these roles. I'm so happy that in the end, the role I landed was thru Tech Ladies and honestly not surprised as with the companies listed on their job board, you are bound to receive some sort of feedback.
Alex Partida
Software Engineer at Salt Lake Tribune
Photo of Linda Gregier
Tech Ladies helped me find a job with a reputable company that is known for its diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and for that I am very grateful. While I was interviewing and researching which companies to apply to I realized that the Tech Ladies' job board coupled with the invaluable resources you receive as a Founding Member (networking, weekly check-in's, career chats, speed networking events, etc.) were extremely vital in positioning me for my next role as a Senior Program Manager at Vimeo. It educated me regarding the most pertinent topics when it came to technology and hiring. I felt that Tech Ladies Founding Membership was a safe space to talk about goals, issues, dreams, and expectations from our career and personal lives. I am grateful to be a Founding Member with Tech Ladies and even more excited to have found a job through them as well.
Linda Gregier
Senior Program Manager at Vimeo
Photo of Holly Burinda
Using the Tech Ladies board was so much better and easier than the usual job hunting experience. It gave me confidence that the job postings I was interacting with were high quality postings and totally took the usual tedium and overwhelm out of finding positions to apply to.
Holly Burinda
Frontend Engineer at Trello
Photo of Nikiya Simpson
I'm extremely grateful to Tech Ladies for helping me find my new position as a Software Engineer with Quartet Health. I found the job announcement from a Tech Ladies email and went to the job board and immediately felt drawn to Quartet Health's mission in helping others in their mental health journey. I'm so excited to get started!
Nikiya Simpson
Software Engineer at Quartet Health
Photo of Janine Love
In searching for a new software engineering role, I felt overwhelmed by the number of companies out there and found Tech Ladies to be a great way to filter for companies that cared about DE&I. I found many companies with compelling missions and compatible technical stacks this way, and ultimately ended up finding and accepting a role that seems perfect for me.
Janine Love
Software Engineer at Maven Clinic
Photo of Daniel Estrada
As an experienced recruiting leader at GoGuardian, I have appreciated the quality of candidates that have applied through Tech Ladies. Each conversation with Tech Ladies' candidates has proven that the partnership with GoGuardian is working well. Now, I get excited when I have a conversation scheduled with a candidate that comes from Tech Ladies!
Daniel Estrada
Senior Talent Strategic Advisor at GoGuardian
Photo of Andrea Roe
Partnering with Tech Ladies has been a seamless and supportive experience. Our top of funnel increased with a number of talented candidates, one of whom we just hired! DE&I is at the forefront of our hiring efforts and we are proud and excited to continue to work with this amazing community that is committed to promoting, empowering, and fostering the best female talent out there.
Andrea Roe
Talent Lead at Bestow
Photo of Maria Tsampas
When searching for a job, I practically only applied through Tech Ladies because of all the great leads that came out of it. Tech Ladies helped me find my role at Takeoff Technologies and I couldn't be happier!
Maria Tsampas
Product Designer at Takeoff Technologies
Photo of Vanvisa Musigapala
As an Asian American woman in tech, having trusted resources and allies are most important to ensure my success and growth within the industry. It feels less daunting to know I can lean on Tech Ladies to find jobs with intentionality and purpose, and a reflection that these partnerships help women land awesome roles in places where they are truly valued. Thanks so much for helping me land my role at Carbon Five!
Vanvisa Musigapala
Product Designer at Carbon Five
Photo of Jeanette Sciarappa
There are SO many job boards out there that contributed negatively to my job search anxiety, which is what made my experience with Tech Ladies stand out. The new role email alerts kept me motivated and excited about future employment opportunities and introduced me to so many awesome companies I'd never heard of before, including Happy Money where I just started as a Senior Product Manager! I'm so grateful to Tech Ladies for making the connection to my new role and am excited for what's to come!
Jeanette Sciarappa
Senior Product Manager at Happy Money
Photo of Erica Thompson
Being underrepresented in tech can be a massive hurdle and so I'm thankful for Tech Ladies' pre-vetted job board. Their care and diligence helped me find an amazing Software Engineering position with wonderful company that practices the values that are important to many of us. I'm so grateful to Tech Ladies for this community and help on this journey toward changing careers.
Erica Thompson
Software Engineer at
Photo of Taryn King
Tech Ladies has been a tremendous resource that helped me find an exciting role in tech with a dream team! I love the way their job board is curated and would recommend that anyone looking for a tech role add this to their list of resources.
Taryn King
Support Engineer at ReadMe
Photo of Sofia Javed
Changing careers can be scary, stressful, and overwhelming. Thanks to Tech Ladies, I was able to consider a curated list of job postings with mission-driven companies that are actively pursuing gender equity and inclusion. I found my first job as a software engineer through Tech Ladies, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow every day in a supportive and encouraging environment. Thank you, Tech Ladies!
Sofia Javed
Software Engineer at Tidelift
Photo of Ebony Johnson
Tech Ladies has one of the best curated job boards for tech opportunities. I am incredibly grateful for the countless resources, networking opportunities, and genuine encouragement this community provides.
Ebony Johnson
Junior Content Designer at 1Password
Photo of Shinae Lee
Working with the Tech Ladies team has been a joy! We've hired our Head of Customer Experience, and our newest Support Engineer from Tech Ladies, and the best part has been working with the team to help us reach our hiring goals.
Shinae Lee
Recruiting and Operations Coordinator at ReadMe
Photo of Cierra Floyd
"I'm so thankful to have discovered Tech Ladies in the midst of a recent career transition. Through the job board, I applied for and received an offer for my dream role at a company that aligns with my values and vision for my future. And the best part is now I have an amazing and supportive community to be a part of as I continue to learn and grow in my career!"
Cierra Floyd
Associate Product Manager at Maxwell Health
Photo of Jennifer Neves
We have had tremendous success with Tech Ladies and it has become our go-to board for finding talented engineers and marketing folks. An essential part of our E, D & I efforts, matching our core values. Also, the Tech Ladies staff is a joy to work with. On a personal level, I've been a member of Tech Ladies for years and have found the community extremely supportive - especially the Facebook community. Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Neves
Talent Lead at Tidelift
Photo of June Qiong Zhou
At Hello World, we love to support women engineers in the workplace and believe in a diverse and inclusive team. Within a month of posting our senior software engineer role on the Tech Ladies job board, we were able to successfully hire a candidate. Out of the 5-6 different job boards we posted, Tech Ladies had the most high quality and promising leads. They also made the process super easy and were responsive to our needs. We are super pleased and are hoping to hire our second software engineer from them too!
June Qiong Zhou
Executive Assistant at Hello World!
Photo of Gordon Wintrob
Tech Ladies is an awesome channel for anyone looking to build a high-velocity engineering team with diverse talent. Candidates were aligned with Newfront's mission and values, not just our tech stack. We look forward to continuing to partner with the Tech Ladies network.
Gordon Wintrob
Co-Founder & CTO at Newfront
Photo of Jacqueline Simon
My friend introduced me to Tech Ladies through Instagram and I signed up for their newsletter. I am grateful for Tech Ladies helping me find my new role at Kin + Carta. After seeing the listing in my email I applied, and within days was interviewing. I recommend Tech Ladies to anyone looking for new opportunities!
Jacqueline Simon
Sr. UX Research Analyst at Kin + Carta
Photo of  Rabab Fatima
I came across this role at UAB via the Tech Ladies job board. I would not have known about the awesome team I now work with otherwise. I am grateful for Tech Ladies as it helped me find a team with a great culture, and one that values diversity and inclusion.
Rabab Fatima
Photo of Ruthie Berman
The Tech Ladies job board highlighted different aspects of the roles they posted, which made it really easy to look for things I care about like companies that value DEI and companies making a positive impact.
Ruthie Berman
Software Engineer at Propel
Photo of Alexandra Palmer
Tech Ladies is an amazing platform to find carefully curated and purpose-driven roles! Applying through the website led me to an amazing company with values that aligned on so many levels. I look forward to continuing engagement through their platform and cannot thank them enough.
Alexandra Palmer
Project Manager at Mastery Logistics Systems
Photo of Sanjeet Uppal
Tech Ladies made it so easy to find my next role that I love! I first got to meet with the Tech Ladies team who got to know my skills, background, and what I was looking for. They matched me with key companies and got my application seen. So grateful for them to help with finding me the best company I have worked with so far!
Sanjeet Uppal
Client Experience Front End Developer at Movable Ink
Photo of  Elana Kopelevich
Tech Ladies made my job search so much better! I was being really picky about where I applied this time around. I wanted to make sure that I landed at a company that prioritized D&I. The fact that a recruiting team chooses to seek out candidates on Tech Ladies is already a good sign that they are trying to build more diverse teams. Now, I'm pretty excited to be starting a new adventure at Shopify!
Elana Kopelevich
Software Developer at Shopify
Photo of Keosha Poole
I am so lucky to have found the Tech Ladies community. Not only have I been supported as a woman in tech but I have found my dream job with an amazing company. Without Tech Ladies and #MatchingMonday I never would have discovered this opportunity.
Keosha Poole
Business Systems Administrator at Shopify
Photo of Sairina Merino Tsui
I firmly believe that diversity in all spaces is how we will move toward a more equitable world. Knowing that the companies who post their jobs to Tech Ladies want to create and strengthen their teams with diverse members is why I looked for my next role here, and I'm beyond excited that my new job with Learning Equality not only aligns with my values, but allows me to help create the technology to shape learning across the globe.
Sairina Merino Tsui
Junior Full Stack Engineer at Learning Equality
Photo of Ben Finkel
I had a fantastic experience posting a job on Tech Ladies for Sesh! We heard from tons of qualified applicants, and many who specifically cared about our company's values and aspirations. We hired two great engineers from our first post. I couldn't be more pleased.
Ben Finkel
Founder & CEO at Sesh
Photo of Angie Shaw
Thanks to Tech Ladies, I landed a fantastic new position. Without their job posting newsletter, I might have missed out on what is now a great new professional opportunity for me. Knowing that this position was posted on their job board signaled to me that my employer prioritizes women in the technology industry, and I could not be happier in my new role. Thank you, Tech Ladies!
Angie Shaw
Customer Success Manager at Nylas
Photo of Youngmin Kim
I'm so excited to start working at Bevy as a web designer. Thanks to Tech Ladies' well-curated postings, I had a great chance to apply for perfect roles that I was looking for and finally landed on this fabulous company. Thank you so much!
Youngmin Kim
Web Designer at Bevy
Photo of Francesca Tse
Tech ladies made it so easy to find a new dream role! They had so many options that aligned with my values and skillset!
Francesca Tse
Tech Geek Instructor at ANEW BAM
Photo of Amy Shi
Tech Ladies has been such a great resource and it's been a wonderful experience working with them. Recruiting can be a long process and we had this role open for a while, but Tech Ladies connected us with many talented candidates and was so helpful each step of the way. We're proud to partner with a community that is so supportive and empowering to women in tech, and thanks to Tech Ladies we were able to hire an amazing Head of Customer Support and Community!
Amy Shi
Support Engineer at ReadMe at ReadMe
Photo of Sheersha Kandwal
I am extremely happy to have found the role and industry that I was hoping to move to through Tech Ladies. My experience here has been very rewarding, where I was able to learn from everyone's insight and find the right opportunity for me. Looking forward to a long lasting partnership. Thank you Tech Ladies!
Sheersha Kandwal
Semantic Java Web Developer at Mount Sinai Health System
Photo of Deandra Goodman
I originally found a similar position on the Tech Ladies job board from the same company, but they ended up going with a different candidate. They later asked me to apply for this new role which was more focused on digital marketing than webinars and I'm thrilled! Thanks so much for providing job postings that I couldn't find anywhere else. This job is probably the best I've found in quite a while and I'm so excited to start doing something new.
Deandra Goodman
Content Production Specialist at FlexJobs
Photo of Anjali Singh
I am so grateful to be a part of such a supportive community at Tech Ladies. This group was instrumental while I was looking for my dream job. The job board was extremely helpful; I had the opportunity to connect directly with technical recruiters hiring for some exciting companies that were already on my radar. Because of their strong network, I found the company and the job I love!
Anjali Singh
Software Development Engineer 2 at Audible
Photo of Kathy Xu
Finding a new job during COVID-19 was definitely a struggle, but thankfully I knew to turn to Tech Ladies first. With their amazing curated list of superstar companies, I was quickly able to interview and land my dream job in an exciting new city (and country!). Tech Ladies is an awesome resource for any techies regardless of where they currently are in their career. I am so grateful for this community and the exciting opportunities it brings!
Kathy Xu
Software Engineer II at Amazon
Photo of Amata Lee
I wasn't looking for a full time job, so finding a position as an Instructor for LinkedIn Learning was amazing for me. The position I applied for wasn't even available publicly, so I would've never found it on my own. Thank you Tech Ladies for the constant support!
Amata Lee
SQL Instructor at LinkedIn Learning
Photo of Nikiya Simpson
I'm so glad to have found the SQL Instructor position on LinkedIn Learning through Tech Ladies. I immediately applied for the position and excited to now be one of their SQL course instructors. It's a pleasure to continue to share knowledge with others and also to be a part of Tech Ladies!
Nikiya Simpson
SQL Instructor at LinkedIn Learning
Photo of Melanie Panem
Thanks to the Tech Ladies newsletter job postings, I found a side hustle that will pair my passion for helping others with my technological expertise. I am super pumped to be teaching technology courses at LinkedIn Learning!
Melanie Panem
Online Instructor at LinkedIn Learning
Photo of Madhuri Abnave
"It has been a wonderful experience finding a job on Tech Ladies. The webinars are very informative and inspirational and it was like the job description was perfectly tailored for my skill set. The best part was the quick response of the jobs I applied for."
Madhuri Abnave
Software Development Engineer at Audible
Photo of Kiara Contreras
Tech Ladies has given me access to a supportive network of creative people and an outlet for exploring how I can grow in my career. When I saw the posting for the Instructor role at LinkedIn Learning I felt more confident because I was applying through Tech Ladies. I've landed the role and am now creating courses for LinkedIn Learning!
Kiara Contreras
Instructor at LinkedIn Learning
Photo of  Nandana Yadla
I remember when I first started applying via Tech Ladies, the response rate was so high. I wondered why and I got to know that the applications go directly to the hiring manager who posted the role, which is fantastic! I ended up connecting with one of the best recruiters at Audible for a role that had not even been posted on LinkedIn yet, because of which I got a head start in the process and I ended up getting the offer!. Thinking back, I realize that Tech Ladies was where it all began. Thank you!
Nandana Yadla
Software Development Engineer at Audible
Photo of  Samantha Wessel
I love the Tech Ladies community! Through the Tech Ladies job board, I was able to find a job I'm excited about and with a company I've admired for a long time. The community is fun and very supportive. I'm so happy to be a part of Tech Ladies.
Samantha Wessel
Head of Tech at NPR
Photo of Lydhia Marie
"Applying through Tech Ladies increased my chances of getting that first interview. I couldn't have found a better fit for myself! :)"
Lydhia Marie
Customer Success Associate at Close
Photo of Lori Fimoff
"Thanks to Tech Ladies, I landed my dream job as a Sales Content Specialist at Skillcrush! I never would have been able to find a flexible, remote position in a mission-driven company without their invaluable resources. I'd definitely recommend Tech Ladies to anyone looking for a new role."
Lori Fimoff
Sales Content Specialist at Skillcrush
Photo of Rebecca Borison
"I'm a huge fan of Tech Ladies and the community it builds, and it made it super easy for me to find a place like Codecademy where I can feel comfortable knowing that diversity and inclusion are core values."
Rebecca Borison
Frontend Enginer: Growth Team at Codecademy
Photo of Lacey Althouse
"My eyes became hearts (just like the emoji!) when I saw my current job at Fastmail on Tech Ladies. It checked all the boxes! A year later, I'm so happy at Fastmail, a "Do-gooder," "Great Perks" company where I work with other women in leadership roles. Tech Ladies is a trusted connector that understands what I need to be successful. Through this experience, I found the supportive work environment I was looking for."
Lacey Althouse
Marketing Lead at Fastmail
Photo of Neha Chinai
"We had a great experience working with Tech Ladies - it was seamless, easy and fruitful. We received a great pipeline of candidates, one of whom we just hired. We are excited to continue to work with this amazing community that is committed to highlighting the best female talent out there."
Neha Chinai
VP Finance & CoS at Kafene
Photo of Mahsa Naserifar
"I found Tech Ladies when I was preparing for my senior year job hunt. I received a lot more responses from companies through Tech Ladies than I did from any other platform. That's how "casually looking around" landed me an amazing opportunity with Render."
Mahsa Naserifar
Full-Stack Engineer at Render
Photo of Ruthie Byers
"Tech Ladies was a key partner to us as we grew our diverse remote team of engineers - we’re excited about continuing to work together closely on our mission to make it easier to send money to Africa!"
Ruthie Byers
Head of Engineering at Wave
Photo of Christine McCallum-Randalls
"Our Tech Ladies collaboration lead to the fulfillment of a challenging position. Their outstanding network lead us to hire an exceptional woman who brings high levels of engagement, experience, and drive to our team."
Christine McCallum-Randalls
Director of Operations at Test Double
Photo of Megan Stucko
“As a military spouse who moves every couple years, it was important for me to find a remote job at a company that I could grow with (regardless of where I was living). I turned to the Tech Ladies' job board because I knew I could find *real* work from home jobs at great companies. Within a couple months of searching, I found the perfect role and accepted the position a few weeks later! Thanks Tech Ladies!”
Megan Stucko
Email Production Associate at Skillcrush
Photo of Natasha Zella
"I'm ecstatic to have found my new role with Wave through the Tech Ladies job board. Along with doing exciting work, Wave has demonstrated a real commitment to the diversity of their team and making high social impact. It's truly a dream position for me!"
Natasha Zella
Software Engineer at Wave
Photo of Sara Jackson
“Looking for a new job opportunity that offers remote work has proved to be a tall order. Through Tech Ladies and their organized job board I was able to get my dream role as a consulting software developer with Test Double. I’m over the moon!”
Sara Jackson
Software Developer at Test Double
Photo of Hilary Winn
"I've really appreciated the encouragement and positivity in the Tech Ladies community! The Tech Ladies job board was there for me as my preferences, such as local vs. remote work, evolved over the course of my job exploration. The diverse opportunities listed helped me remain confident that there was a new role out there that would inspire me, excite me, and challenge me."
Hilary Winn
Software Engineer at Big Cartel
Photo of Riya
"After graduation, I had been trying to find a full-time position with a company that aligns with my goals. I had been keeping up with the amazing opportunities through the Tech Ladies job board and was so excited when I was able to connect with Wave. I landed an awesome remote role with the team that offers so much flexibility! I am beyond excited to start this journey and grow with the folks at Wave."
Full-Stack Engineer at Wave
Photo of Mariana Racasan
"I’ve recently moved to Vancouver from Spain without knowing anyone. Fresh starts are tough, especially when it is to a foreign country, but thanks to Tech Ladies and my previous work experience I found exactly what I was looking for. They helped me to quickly discover the tech scene in an unfamiliar city and I immediately started to receive a lot of responses to my applications. Without Tech Ladies I wouldn’t have landed a job at ZenHub, that’s for sure!"
Mariana Racasan
Marketing Manager at ZenHub
Photo of Helen Porter
"A former manager invited me to join Tech Ladies in March, and I loved the idea of looking for a job in a space that emphasized women in tech. I checked the job board regularly for a few weeks and then saw the posting for the EA role I ended up landing. The interview process was smooth, efficient, and professional and I started a week after I signed. So far, so great!"
Helen Porter
Executive Assistant at Mode
Photo of Kristy Morgan
"After falling victim to the first "company restructuring" (aka layoff) of my career, I was thinking about taking my job search in a totally different direction. The timing couldn't have been better for the Tech Ladies event at Instagram. It was because of this amazing event that I decided to pivot my engineering program management background to apply for a technical program manager role at Facebook! I'm excited to say I accepted the job. Thanks, Tech Ladies!"
Kristy Morgan
Technical Program Manager at Facebook
Photo of Anna Brozek
"Tech Ladies has allowed us to put our job openings in front of a diverse and talented group of women who are looking to join the type of company that we are always striving to be. It is incredibly reassuring to know that Tech Ladies candidates are starting off with these shared values and will be an important part of not just the product we build, but also the inclusive company we are building."
Anna Brozek
Photo of Jessica Jenkins
"I knew Tech Ladies would connect me to companies that cared about diversity, but I was pleasantly surprised that it also led to a job with positive social and environmental impact."
Jessica Jenkins
Senior Software Engineer at Aclima
Photo of Michelle Lin
"Thanks to Tech Ladies, I was able to find and sign my first permanent + full-time offer as a Product Designer (after years of contracting while constantly searching for stability) with 15Five, a company that fully aligns with my beliefs and values!"
Michelle Lin
Product Designer at 15Five
Photo of Holly Kennedy
"Two years ago it took us 3+ months to find the right Product Designer to join our team in San Francisco. After connecting with Tech Ladies last month, we made our first offer within 3 weeks! I've been really impressed with the quality of candidates and am excited to continue building a team of Tech Ladies!"
Holly Kennedy
VP Product at 15Five
Photo of Jessica Lawrence
“Tech Ladies helped me find a role at True Link Financial that fit both my professional and personal goals. Without Tech Ladies, I do not believe I would have so easily found a company that places such a high value on company culture and inclusivity.”
Jessica Lawrence
Full Stack Software Engineer at True Link Financial
Photo of Rachele Moresi
“I had gotten to a comfortable place at work where I wasn't growing anymore and was starting to feel burnt out. Finding a job with Thorn through the Tech Ladies job board, where I could use my skills for good felt like the light going on again."
Rachele Moresi
Full Stack Engineer at Thorn
Photo of Tobi A. DeVito
“Tech Ladies has offered me so much—great perks, a network of amazing women, and access to awesome events, workshops and webinars. But the best part? I just landed a killer new gig through a posting on their job board!”
Tobi A. DeVito
Director of Client Services at Method
Photo of Jennifer Colna
"The Tech Ladies job board was easy to use and full of great opportunities. I was looking for my first software development job and found multiple options. Ultimately, I was hired and love my new job!"
Jennifer Colna
Software Developer at Bevy Labs
Photo of Kristen Leach
"As a mom entering the software engineering field, finding a remote position was paramount to being successful in my career while managing my family’s needs. Tech Ladies always has a good selection of remote positions to sort through, and with their help I found an engineering position at Speakfully that fits my life and career goals!"
Kristen Leach
Software Engineer at Speakfully
Photo of Riya Kulkarni
"I am so grateful I found out about Tech Ladies during my job search. I landed an amazing role through their job board, and I felt incredibly supported by their community. I wouldn’t have found my dream job at Chime without their help!"
Riya Kulkarni
Full Stack Engineer at Chime
Photo of Christina Smothers
"Tech Ladies has been a great resource for me as an early-career developer. The responses I got from companies were positive and ultimately became successful. Tech Ladies led me to a dream position with an employer as a Software Engineer that uses talent for positive things."
Christina Smothers
Front End Developer at Speakfully
Photo of Mary Beth Burch
"Tech Ladies makes it easy to keep an eye out for companies that align with what I'm looking for in a work community. When I found out about Wave, I connected with their mission and was excited about their product and their tech stack. I was impressed with everyone I met through the interview process, and I'm looking forward to being a part of a diverse, smart, and communicative distributed team."
Mary Beth Burch
Full Stack Engineer at Wave
Photo of Ralph Salazar
"As a visual artist turned software engineer, Tech Ladies has been a significant resource for my recent career transition. From gaining advice on the intricacies of the tech workplace via the Facebook group to finding my latest role as a Software Engineer at, I am forever grateful for everything that Tech Ladies offers!"
Ralph Salazar
Software Engineer at
Photo of Leigh Johnson
"I used the Tech Ladies job board to vet companies committed to diversity & inclusion. I'm proud to have witnessed the growth of Tech Ladies from a small Facebook community to a vast network of support and talent. I can't wait to see how Tech Ladies will continue to shape the industry! "
Leigh Johnson
Software Engineer at Slack
Photo of Courtney Seiter
“Buffer has hired two Tech Ladies so far, and we can't wait to bring on more! The team is well organized and lovely to work with, and the candidates are talented and super engaged. Tech Ladies is building something special, and we're excited to be a small part of it.”
Courtney Seiter
Director of People at Buffer
Photo of Gesche Haas
“We had an incredible experience sourcing talent from Tech Ladies. Candidates were extraordinarily high-caliber and driven by a deep desire to contribute to our company mission."
Gesche Haas
Photo of Brooke Bachman
“I am so excited to start at Fundbox. I have been treated so well by the recruiter and my soon-to-be manager. Tech Ladies posts so many jobs and it’s easy to apply. I would recommend that everyone join Tech Ladies!”
Brooke Bachman
Inbound Sales Representative at Fundbox
Photo of Ryan Hoover
"HUGE thanks to the Tech Ladies team for helping us find an awesome new teammate. Many companies rely on hiring within their own limited network so it was refreshing to connect with so many new faces and strong talent within their community."
Ryan Hoover
Founder at Product Hunt
Photo of Karina Carmona
“As a Latina engineer, its very important for me to find a workplace that is open, progressive, and safe. When I started applying to jobs, Tech Ladies was my first choice in job boards. I found my current front end developer job on the first day! Thank you Tech Ladies for the strong community!”
Karina Carmona
Interactive Frontend Developer at Radish Lab
Photo of Ellen Brandenberger
“I’ve been a part of Tech Ladies community for almost a year and it has been invaluable. From webinars on relevant topics, to connecting with other women in the field, I’ve been able to leverage their resources to accelerate my own professional growth. When I was looking to make a career change, I knew I would look to Tech Ladies as a resource and I ultimately found my role at Thinkful through their job board! Now I get to work with other Tech Ladies as part of a great company that truly values diversity in hiring and practice.”
Ellen Brandenberger
Product Manager at Thinkful
Photo of Sarah Geselowitz
“Tech Ladies’ online community has been a constant source of perspective and inspiration as I navigate a male-dominated industry. After eagerly watching the well-organized jobs board, I’m thrilled to have found my job at Wave through a Tech Ladies referral!“
Sarah Geselowitz
Full-Stack Engineer at Wave
Photo of Ana Díaz Eiriz
"A fellow programmer told me about Tech Ladies a few months ago. I was a freelancer looking for a more steady job and the job board in Tech Ladies led me to the Enterprise Happiness Engineer position offered in Automattic. The job matched all my skills and personality, so I applied immediately and I was lucky enough to get it! Tech Ladies followed all the process closely and caring -I am so grateful they made me land in my dream job, and to all the women that are part of this amazing community."
Ana Díaz Eiriz
Enterprise Happiness Engineer at Automattic
Photo of Maryn Masumiya
"After one of the hardest years of my life (both personally and professionally), I finally found my dream job. This would not have been possible without the Tech Ladies community that supported me through the ups and downs and led me to my new position leading partnerships for Skillcrush. I'm over the moon to be starting this journey to empower women to level-up their tech skills and transform their careers!"
Maryn Masumiya
Partnerships at Skillcrush
Photo of Ashley D'Arcy
"Tech ladies is like having a friend in the industry. It pre-qualifies companies so you don't have to deal with any toxic interviews, let alone work environments.As a non-technical person in the field, Tech Ladies was unique in providing an abundance of opportunities geared toward my editorial and operational skillset–including the perfect position, Account Manager at Paloma!"
Ashley D'Arcy
Account Manager at Paloma
Photo of Madeline Pickering
“Tech Ladies has been a welcoming and absolutely invaluable group for me as I moved away from a tech hub and started looking for remote work. I got advice, made connections, and eventually scored a remote Product Design position through the job board! This community is something special.”
Madeline Pickering
Product Designer at
Photo of Ben Aronowicz
“Hiring for a difficult-to-fill role is only made more difficult when you know this hire may one day sit on the Executive team. Our team always uses Tech Ladies as part of our sourcing plan and Tech Ladies consistently delivers excellent candidates for us. We are thrilled to have made this hire and thank Tech Ladies for the support and follow through!“
Ben Aronowicz
Head of People at Thinkful
Photo of Emily Speer Ryan
"Working with Tech Ladies helps us curate our applications and zoom in on particular candidates who may otherwise have been overlooked because of application volume. The process is easy and informal, but the talented women who apply through Tech Ladies ensure that we can recruit and fill roles quickly."
Emily Speer Ryan
Photo of Christopher Calvi
“We have found Tech Ladies to be a consistently excellent source of candidates for Octopart. In fact, we just filled a critical role thanks to their platform, and we look forward to continuing our engagement with them as we grow our team.”
Christopher Calvi
Head at Octopart
Photo of Hannah Agatston
"I was referred to Tech Ladies by a good friend who is a co-founder of a creative agency in Brooklyn. I was glad to see a website dedicated to career development for women, posting jobs that I was actually excited about! I was offered a job with Accelo, a company based in San Francisco, and decided to move from New York City (where I resided for 7 years) to the Bay Area. It has been such a great experience already, both professionally and personally. Accelo employs people who are kind, intelligent and welcoming, and I'm grateful for the Tech Ladies community for guiding here!”
Hannah Agatston
Marketing Associate/Content Specialist at Accelo
Photo of Tom Gerrity
"Tech Ladies is an incredible resource for our recruiting team and has helped Stash get connected with an existing network of qualified candidates. We are thrilled to be able to partner with Tech Ladies and engage a wider pool of talent in this competitive job market. We look forward to a long partnership with Tech Ladies as we continue to grow."
Tom Gerrity
Director of Talent at Stash
Photo of Christina Cole
“I found my new perfect-fit position with a great group of people, thanks to the Tech Ladies job board. So proud to be a member of this community, so inspired by the advice, tips, and support that everyone shares.I cannot say enough fabulous things about the Tech Ladies community!"
Christina Cole
Software Engineer at ConvertKit
Photo of Tonya Makowski
"I look forward to the Tech Ladies job drop email each week and I am glad to see a variety of offerings ranging from internship opportunities to senior engineering roles from East to West, in person and remote. Picking up a part-time, remote computer maintenance gig on the side keeps my game sharp and the possibilities open with the bonus of some extra money!"
Tonya Makowski
Photo of Elaine Chin
"Engaging with the Tech Ladies job board was very smooth, and it made job searching delightful! When I applied to a position, I knew I wasn't one of the hundreds of people sending out resumes. It has made me more confident and this has guided me through interviews."
Elaine Chin
Customer Success Manager at Pathgather
Photo of Alexandra Phelan
"The Tech Ladies job board was beyond helpful during my job search. Being able to forward my resume directly to hiring managers made a huge difference in the responses I was getting. I was able to land several great offers, and I can't wait to start my new position as a Data Analyst!"
Alexandra Phelan
Data Analyst at Stash
Photo of Debbie Milburn & Jeff Harrington
"At Cedar, we really value a diverse and inclusive culture. But when we set out to fill our new roles, we weren't find enough diversity in many of the sources we were using. In partnering with Tech Ladies, we received a large number of qualified, female candidates and ended up hiring somebody who was a perfect fit! We're grateful we found Tech Ladies and we'll definitely be using them again in the future."
Debbie Milburn & Jeff Harrington
Photo of Bonnie Zhang
"We just opened a new office in Denver so it was crucial for us to attract and retain new talent. It was a pivotal time for us and bringing in Tech Ladies was one of the best decisions we've made. Tech Ladies brought in a strong pipeline of female candidates to our open roles. We are extremely excited to get our first hire through the platform. Thank you for all your efforts, Tech Ladies!"
Bonnie Zhang
Office Manager at Accelo
Photo of Leigh Steiner
"The job search as a bootcamp graduate and career switcher was truly daunting for me, until a classmate introduced me to Tech Ladies. I went from throwing resumes into the void, to getting a kind, personalized response to every single application I put in. I also found my dream job at my dream company in less than a month -- a unicorn of a position that had opportunities and advantages that I hadn't even imagined were on the table. I couldn't be more excited, and I can't stop recommending Tech Ladies to all my friends!"
Leigh Steiner
Software Engineer at Locus Analytics
Photo of Mike Louis
"Tech Ladies has been an excellent addition to our recruiting efforts. In this competitive market, our partnership with Tech Ladies has allowed us to grow our team with top-notch talent. We look forward to continuing our relationship!"
Mike Louis
Photo of Christina Olinyk
"I spent months digging through endless online job postings until I came across Tech Ladies. Through the newsletter, I connected to an amazing network of companies who value inclusion and in a matter of weeks, I found a company that feels as invested in my success as I am!"
Christina Olinyk
Customer Success Specialist at Flocabulary
Photo of Janet Lai
“I’m thrilled to have landed on an opportunity through Tech Ladies’ job board. After relocating from a city, finding companies that offer flexibility in location is important to me as a remote designer. Tech Ladies helps me connect with a network of companies that hires remotely.”
Janet Lai
Independent Visual Designer at visualmakersf
Photo of Olivia Dalglish
"I was able to start my career as a Data Analyst thanks to the Tech Ladies community. I am so grateful for the support from women I had along the way to finding my first job!"
Olivia Dalglish
Data Analyst at Locus Analytics
Photo of Justin Scherer
"As a distributed, asynchronous organization with a global focus, sourcing great candidates can be challenging. The candidates who came to us through Tech Ladies were a step above the rest of the field. We are thrilled with the results and won't hesitate to work with Tech Ladies again in the future."
Justin Scherer
Design Lead at Ushahidi
Photo of Janae Jones
"Tech Ladies not only functions as genuine advocates for the talent using their platform, but also for the companies who are looking to hire. We were able to hire an amazing Data Analyst and continue to connect with top talent. We are proud to be a part of a community that empowers and supports women in tech."
Janae Jones
Hiring Specialist at Locus Analytics
Photo of Selina Zawacki
"Tech Ladies is an incredible resource not only to find jobs, but to find jobs at companies who value and actively seek diversity. I immediately fell in love with Maverick after seeing their posting on Tech Ladies, and am thrilled to now be a full-stack Software Engineer on their team!"
Selina Zawacki
Software Engineer at Maverick
Photo of Eriol Fox
"After taking some time out of working in toxic tech environment for 6 months to finish my Masters, I wasn't sure I'd find the kind of job that would be able to reassure and excite me about the tech sector again. But I did! I saw the post for Senior Product Designer at Ushahidi on Tech Ladies and realized that jobs in tech that do good work exist!"
Eriol Fox
Product Designer at Ushahidi
Photo of Hazel Anne Villareal
"I ended up finding the WONDERFUL Tech Ladies community at the perfect time. Not only did I find my job on Tech Ladies, but reading about experiences that were similar to mine, tips on how to handle certain situations, and constantly feeling inspired whenever I would see someone’s #yepididthat post definitely helped me get out of the funk I was in after I quit my last role, so… thank you Tech Ladies!"
Hazel Anne Villareal
Technical Account Manager at Wire Media
Photo of Erin Fox
"Fresh out of a web development immersive bootcamp, I was eager and actively looking for an entry level developer position. I came across Tech Ladies and immediately signed up. I knew I wanted to work at a place where they focus on women in tech and mentorship. I applied for a Junior Engineer position with MLS from a Tech Ladies job email and the rest is history! The position is absolutely perfect for me."
Erin Fox
Software Engineer at Major League Soccer
Photo of Jess Ellison
"Tech Ladies has not only brought me my new job but it also has helped with my transition into tech (I did a coding bootcamp recently after being in healthcare for a few years) and it has been wonderful to attend events and feel the support of other Tech Ladies on a daily basis!"
Jess Ellison
Software Engineer at Fandor
Photo of Erin Grau
“Since we began working with Tech Ladies, we have strengthened the pipeline of highly- qualified female candidates, and have hired strong female talent into the digital team. We value our partnership with Tech Ladies and consider it an important pillar in our digital diversity & inclusion strategy.”
Erin Grau
Vice President of Digital Operations at New York Times
Photo of Michele Bolona
"As a new member of Tech Ladies I found my experience to be seamless. I found my job at Current as a Customer Relationship Manager, which was the first company I applied to on Tech Ladies. I am now aligned with a fantastic company in a burgeoning industry, and couldn't be happier!"
Michele Bolona
Customer Relationship Manager at Current
Photo of Timothea Barnes
"I found my job with A Practical Wedding through Tech Ladies, and the amazing, inclusive Tech Ladies community on Facebook has been a valuable resource!"
Timothea Barnes
Software Engineer at A Practical Wedding
Photo of Levi Stanley
"Tech Ladies has been an excellent addition to our recruiting efforts. It's been a great tool for fostering our commitment to diversity and has proven to be extremely valuable as we continue to grow our team."
Levi Stanley
Director of Engineering at Fandor
Photo of Cynthia Bell
"Through Tech Ladies, I found a sponsorship for Microsoft's Codess initiative for female coders. This is the great thing about being connected to a community of thousands of awesome women — resources and opportunities are constantly presenting themselves."
Cynthia Bell
Sales Operations Manager at Industry Dive
Photo of Emily Maskin
"Working with Tech Ladies has helped us build an engineering department that is 50% women ... which we all know is nearly unheard of! This diversity has resulted in a team with an invaluable range of insight and experience. We are thrilled to have had Tech Ladies as a partner as we continue to grow."
Emily Maskin
Software Developer & Team Lead at Simple Contacts
Photo of Kory King
"I found my job as a Product Quality lead at Verst through Tech Ladies. I love that Tech Ladies connects you directly to a person within a company because there is no way I would have had this success without those connections."
Kory King
Product Quality Lead at Verst
Photo of Corie Miller
"I found my role at #BUILTBYGIRLS through a posting on the Tech Ladies job board. The opportunity to directly email a contact for the role was an enormous advantage and definitely accelerated the interview process. Tech Ladies played a hugely helpful role in my job search, I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a new position!"
Corie Miller
Product Manager at #BUILTBYGIRLS (AOL)
Photo of Galen Corey
“Tech Ladies helped my job search go more smoothly than I could have imagined. I got way more responses from companies on Tech Ladies than from any other site that I used and eventually found my job as a Full Stack Engineer through Tech Ladies."
Galen Corey
Full Stack Engineer at Simple Contacts
Photo of AJ Frank
“Tech Ladies is a great way to plug into an existing network of strong talent which is so important in such a competitive hiring environment. We were able to connect with a number of great candidates and hire a Quality Assurance Analyst from the site."
AJ Frank
CEO at Verst
Photo of Alecia McCarthy
"I enjoyed not only looking through the job postings but also enjoyed the positive bits of information and opportunities available. All of the jobs seemed so cool and were on the cutting edge of where women should be within the tech world. The website overall was very empowering. Thank you Tech Ladies!"
Alecia McCarthy
Customer Success Specialist at Flocabulary
Photo of Lauren Fazah
"When starting up my most recent job search, one of the biggest “musts” on my list of criteria was a company that not only valued inclusion and diversity, but one that embodied it. The Tech Ladies Job Board did most of that filtering for me - I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Big Cartel as a Full Stack Developer."
Lauren Fazah
Full Stack Developer at Big Cartel
Photo of Megan Berry
"I’ve been a member of Tech Ladies since last July and have gotten tremendous value out of the community! I’ve been working in startups since I graduated from Stanford in 2009 and it's nice to have a community of smart, talented women in tech as a go-to for moral support, advice, or simply just to feel part of a larger community. I became a Founding Member of Tech Ladies to further support this community that has helped me so much."
Megan Berry
Head of Product at Octane AI
Photo of Sarah Stancik
"It's a team effort looking for a new job, and I'm glad the Tech Ladies were here looking out for me, providing resources and advice as I applied. Thanks to this community for the continued inspiration!"
Sarah Stancik
Designer at Panda
Photo of Sophia Wang
"I found my job as a Software Engineer at Spoke through the Tech Ladies job board. The community and the job board has been incredibly helpful and supportive during my job hunting process. I would not have been able to do it without this amazing community!"
Sophia Wang
Software Engineer at Spoke
Photo of Kaleen Baker
"Tech Ladies not only connects us with incredibly talented people, but with people who share our enthusiasm for growing and fostering an environment where women excel. The mission of Tech Ladies is one we are proud to be a part of, and it makes it easy to have conversations with the right people- we recently hired a fantastic Software Engineer to join our team!"
Kaleen Baker
Senior Technical Recruiter at Procore
Photo of Destiny Fox
"When I saw the Happiness Engineer role at Automattic on the Tech Ladies job board and read the job description, I knew it was something I would love to apply to. I made a few mistakes when sending my resume over to Tech Ladies, but the ladies were patient and understanding as I made revisions. That made this Tech Lady feel safe and understood in their hands. Thank you again for the communal efforts put in to help me find my place at this great company!"
Destiny Fox
Happiness Engineer at Automattic
Photo of Veronica Armstrong
"By partnering with Tech Ladies, we gained access to one of the most diverse and impressive networks of women out there. We were able to fill a role we've had open for months with a phenomenal candidate we would otherwise not have met."
Veronica Armstrong
Head of Customer Happiness at LovePop
Photo of Alicia Ferriso
"I'm so thankful to have stumbled upon this wonderful group, without whom I would not have had the opportunity to join my current employer. In the year since I've joined Tech Ladies, I have come to realize how important support from your peers can be. This community fosters an environment filled with creativity, encouragement and empowerment."
Alicia Ferriso
Marketing & Partner Insights Analyst at Viacom
Photo of Jenn Su
"Tech Ladies is such an amazing resource. When I was applying for jobs earlier this year, it was often difficult to muster enough info from a job listing to see if the hiring company was going to be inclusive and align with my values. But with Tech Ladies, I was able to reduce the job-search-anxiety that comes with asking questions about whether or not I would feel comfortable working somewhere, and instead focus on other aspects of getting hired. I’m happy to say that I ended up as a Software Developer at Spacious, which I applied to via Tech Ladies."
Jenn Su
Software Developer at Spacious
Photo of Quinn Hubbard
“When I began my job search I stumbled across an article in Forbes about Tech Ladies, and loved the concept. Later that day, Tech Ladies sent out a newsletter with a story about someone else landing her dream job at The New York Times. It inspired me to look at their open roles on the Tech Ladies job board and that’s how I found my current job at The New York Times!”
Quinn Hubbard
Senior Marketing Manager at New York Times
Photo of Jessica Kustra
"Thanks to Tech Ladies, I was able to build connections with women in my industry and find not only amazing career opportunities but a group of incredibly supportive individuals who are eager to help each other succeed. Through such connections and the job board, I'm now at an amazing company, working alongside female engineers at various levels of seniority and tech leadership. It's been an incredible experience as a junior engineer and I'm so glad to have found it through this community."
Jessica Kustra
Software Engineer at BuzzFeed
Photo of Ebony Pollard
"When I was looking to explore new opportunities in product marketing, I leveraged the Tech Ladies network immensely to better prepare myself for upcoming interviews with fantastic companies. Conversations with my fellow Tech Ladies definitely helped me move successfully through various interview processes and land a great job at an established start-up on the Tech Ladies job board."
Ebony Pollard
Product Marketing Manager at Foursquare
Photo of Maggie Neterval
“I am thrilled to have found a job as a Front-End Engineer at an amazing company I discovered through the Tech Ladies job board! It has been inspiring as a job-seeker and woman in tech to follow the Tech Ladies community and watch ladies helping each other out with career advice, leads, and general inspiration!”
Maggie Neterval
Front End Engineer at Dataminr
Photo of Faiza Chowdhury
"After attending an event by Tech Ladies with a friend, I was hooked. Before I knew it, I applied for my first job in tech through the Tech Ladies jobs board and got it! I couldn't be more grateful for this wonderful and empowering community of amazing women. Now, I get to work with a fellow Tech Lady in a field I'm so excited to be in!"
Faiza Chowdhury
Operations at Anchor
Photo of Allie Schwartz
"I've been working with Tech Ladies since it was just a Facebook group, and it's been a thrill to watch it grow into such a valuable resource for women in tech on both ends of the hiring equation. Every candidate I meet from Tech Ladies is passionate, engaged, and hungry to begin and/or level-up in their careers. It's quickly become one of my most trusted technical hiring resources."
Allie Schwartz
Photo of Shane Mac
"Tech Ladies has led to the best inbounds from high-quality, diverse, candidates compared to any other source that we've used. We are excited to continue working together and for a long time to come."
Shane Mac
CEO at Assist
Photo of Maia Regman
"I landed two fantastic offers from Tech Ladies. The hiring manager at the company I chose has become an incredible mentor to me. I am so thankful for what Tech Ladies has given me: the opportunity to advance myself and others.”
Maia Regman
Public Relations Intern at Inside Crowd
Photo of Kimberly Suazo
"As a Software Engineer, job hunting can be challenging because one has to make more of an effort to find companies that are working to have and maintain an inclusive, growth-minded culture. Tech Ladies was invaluable in my job search because I relied on the fact that all jobs posted there are from amazing companies that truly value their employees. I was able to find my current position thanks to Tech Ladies!"
Kimberly Suazo
Software Engineer at Stride Consulting
Photo of Katya Dreyer-Oren
"Investing in your job search is always scary, but I can say definitively that the Tech Ladies Founding Membership had the best ROI I've ever gotten on anything. I received responses to all of the positions I applied for through Tech Ladies, and ultimately accepted a position at Healthify as an implementation engineer. Knowing that I'm working for a mission-based company that is focused on diversity is, non-hyperbolically, a dream come true."
Katya Dreyer-Oren
Software Engineer at Healthify
Photo of Jane Wolcott
"It was really important for me to find a family-friendly company when looking for my next job. I wouldn't have discovered my current role as a Backend Engineer at Simple if it weren't for Tech Ladies, and their job forwarding helped get me to the right people. Thanks Tech Ladies!"
Jane Wolcott
Software Engineer at Simple
Photo of Melissa Skevington
"As someone looking to hire for my team, working with Tech Ladies allowed me to have a more personal approach to finding candidates and found that it made the whole hiring process much more exciting and enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to finding more candidates through the network."
Melissa Skevington
Software Engineer at Lever
Photo of Kelsey Johnson
“After moving to NYC from Seattle for a fresh start, the Tech Ladies community provided me with the professional network, genuine support system, and emotional encouragement I needed to continue with my advocacy efforts for diversity and inclusion in the STEM space. After landing a job through Tech Ladies, my relationship with them continues to grow as I now act as the point person for The New York Times job postings on the Tech Ladies site. In fact, we just hired Tech Lady #3!”
Kelsey Johnson
Talent Acquisition Coordinator at New York Times
Photo of Lauren Brunner
"The Tech Ladies community captivates and inspires me. I knew it would be a great place for us to source high-quality talent and I was right! The applicants we've received have been A+ and we made our first hire just two weeks after our first listing went live. Compared to other job sites, this has been the best experience by far. I can't wait for us to hire more Tech Ladies!"
Lauren Brunner
Manager at Bamboo
Photo of Daniel Singer
“Tech Ladies is an amazing way to discover a talented network of people driving tech forward. We were so thrilled when talented women from all over applied and we were able to hire Sarah to join our design team! We're proud Tech Ladies customers and can't wait to find our next hire."
Daniel Singer
Founder at Panda
Photo of Careyanne Deyo
“We are thrilled to have found a partner in Tech Ladies. The candidates sourced through Tech Ladies are highly qualified and stand out from applications sourced from some of our more traditional methods. We're grateful to have this partnership as we make a conscious effort to hire more women to our team.”  
Careyanne Deyo
Director of Operations at Flocabulary
Photo of Bonnie Rhee
"I got my first college internship at The New York Times through Tech Ladies. It's really exciting, especially as someone who has broken into the CS field late in my college career."
Bonnie Rhee
Computer Science Major at Yale University
Photo of Kristine Auprix
"With Tech Ladies we were able to attract multiple strong candidates to fill a position in less than a month. We are thrilled to have found a great candidate that both matched our requirements and who lived in Canada."
Kristine Auprix
HR & Operation Analyst at AdGear
Photo of Antonina Serdyukova
"I found my current full-time Web Developer position on Tech Ladies and am very happy at my new place: wonderful team, interesting and challenging projects, good benefits and free lunch every day:) Thank you Tech Ladies for an amazing job board!"
Antonina Serdyukova
Software Engineer at Vector Media Group
Photo of Lauren Carter
“Being part of Tech Ladies allowed me to find my current role as a Software Engineer at Handshake. Now I’m part of the core engineering team, building our platform. I am so grateful for Tech Ladies and the experiences that we all share with one another.”
Lauren Carter
Software Engineer at Handshake
Photo of Heather Booker
"I'm so grateful to Tech Ladies for their amazing assistance and the infrastructure they have created to support women and nonbinary folk in technology! I had some leads with great companies through them and accepted an incredible offer that I can't wait to start!"
Heather Booker
Software Engineer at AdGear / Samsung Electronics
Photo of Lauren Fagan
"The Tech Ladies job board was instrumental in my job search. I found a job description that sounded like a fit and sent forward my cover letter and resume - I had a response in my inbox within a few hours! The tool is an incredible example of the power of community, networking, and positive energy. The best part of the job board? I know I'll have a fellow Tech Lady in the office with me at my new position."
Lauren Fagan
Mobile Marketing Analyst at Bamboo
Photo of Marina Rozova
"Tech Ladies organized informational interviews with Ellevest, which I thought was an amazing opportunity. It gave me a chance to get on the phone with someone who worked there, which led to more interviews and then to an offer! I'm very grateful to the team at Tech Ladies for helping me directly connect with this amazing company."
Marina Rozova
Software Engineer at Ellevest
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